why should israel be inspired?

Jun 16, 2022By Warren Antao

Israel being so tiny country has made a global recognition .

  1. Technology

Israeli s are one of the finest technology innovators , there persistency and continuous hardwork has made many impossible things possible .

2. Defence

Their defense MOSSAD is really a tough one , where they don't leave any enemy unturned . They have highest defense technology even most of the developed and developing countries are buying from them . Even india is a major purchaser of defense technology from them .

3. Startups

Tel-Aviv is a land of start up s and land of silicon valley . We can see one of the most of the best startups are from israel , be it wix , skype , viber . They are innovating to the maximum extents and valued at billions of dollars . Hardworking like labour will fetch the same monthly wages. But if our hardwork is in innovation , billions are on the way s israel has proved it

Israel is so small country , 2 hours in width and 7 hrs in length .

Neighborhood s are enemy , be it Jordan , Egypt , Syria , Iran , they never lost hope , they build hope and build one of the toughest systems to defeat the powerful and strong . That is a lesson to every one , weight be small but our dedication , determination and focus can make us stronger eventually .

It is really a big embarassment to India being a such a big population and vast resources and purchasing defense systems from israel .

The jews where treated as untouchables and lower caste , there suffering was really hard , but now they stood up in the global rankings .

Israel is having business tie up s with North Africa , the west and asian countries . They are truly inspiring to thr globe and people .

Love israel , Be inspired !

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