What technological advancements will we see between now and 2035?

Jun 11, 2022By Warren Antao
  • We could see internet is working on quantum technology with the help of qu bits
  • We would see more robots than humans in the world
  • We would be living in the world of cyborgs and nano bots
  • We are living in a semi automated world now , then we would be living in a fully automated world
  • India and China would be fighting for the super power
  • Most of the jobs then would be obslete as compared to now , our cars are bots , our deliveries would be by drones and bots
  • Meta verse would be fully launched and developed . We would spend our most of our time in virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Fossil fuels would be an history , clean tech would be every countries main agenda
  • We would reach near to singularity by 2035
  • Work from anywhere in the world would be the new common
  • Countries would be fighting for the colonisation of Mars and moon . Space tech would be a lot more advanced , flying to and fro from Mars would be a 1980 s airline industry
  • Most of the cities globally would be submersed to a certain extent
  • Climate change would be the major cancer of 2035 . Yearly an approximation of 10 million would die by climate change
  • Mega floods , mega rains and mega quakes would be common
  • We would not run behind money in 2035 , we would run for survival and safety
  • Crypto currency would be the currency of the new world , it would be treated as real money
  • Blockchain based technologies would be the solution for every business and information . Block chain clusters could be integrated
  • Our transportation would be faster and easy
  • Drones and electric aviation would connect every smaller towns and cities . Roads would be an obslete
  • Construction of homes by 3d printers would be 100 times faster and stronger . It would just take 2 days to build a house .
  • Electronic pet dogs and family robots would be the new mass production habitats
  • People would live a very lonely and more digital life in 2035
  • Suicide would be the new catastrophe of the decade
  • There are going to significant changes from now to 2035

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