Sixty-year-old Wallace Leite from Sao Paulo has been to every Brazil game with his drum for the past 10 World Cup tournaments.

Since 1986, nothing has deterred Brazil’s unofficial World Cup drummer Wallace Leite from attending the most prestigious footballing event on the planet.

The 60-year-old from Sao Paulo has been at the last 10 world cups, tirelessly carrying and playing his Surdao (Brazilian drum) at every match featuring the Canarinha – “little canaries”

Decked out in the same outfit, featuring shades of Brazil’s national flag that he has worn to all his team’s games at the tournament in Qatar. He prays the outfit will bring his side luck.

For Leite, it is all about the “positive response” he gets from the hordes of fans that gather around him when he plays the Surdao, in what he calls his “perfect place”.

His instrument of choice is the Surdao, a 7kg (15lb) Brazilian drum he played at every World Cup game since the 1990 tournament in Italy.

Previous to that, Leite said he had used a smaller type of percussion drum though the pitch was “too high” for his liking. The Surdao helps keep “the rhythm together”.