Brazil’s opening World Cup win saw an enormous crowd cheer the men in yellow. And most of them were not even Brazilians.

There are low-flying F-16s and there are more than 60,000 Brazil fans celebrating a World Cup goal. Which is louder?

I got my answer after Richarlison scored Brazil’s second goal against Serbia in the teams’ opening World Cup match at Lusail Stadium on Thursday. And there were no F-16s present.

In between roughing up the opposition and inviting fouls, Brazil continued to mesmerise the 89,000-something present at the stadium.

For either of those two goals, the noise levels would have far exceeded what Lusail Stadium has witnessed during a handful of football matches and concerts that have taken place there.

Brazilians love their football. By the show of hands on Sunday, so does the rest of the world. And this is no secret.

Most of the Brazil supporters inside Lusail Stadium on Thursday evening were not from Brazil. They have been labelled “fake fans” by some segments of Western media

but there was no fakeness about the authenticity and integrity of this group that knew, and lauded, what Brazilian players have given football for decades.

Brazil has won the World Cup five times, more than any other team. They lost two finals, and also finished third twice. It’s definitely the success, swag and skills that brings the fans to the yard