This Wed morning, the Russian President announced a "partial mobilization" of the armed forces, calling up reservists for immediate duty that is certain to intensify the ongoing conflict with Ukraine

Signing a decree, Putin said the mobilization would begin immediately and recruits will join the fight in Ukraine. Those called up would be granted the same status as regulars in the armed forces.

In a televised speech, Putin stressed that only people who are now in the reserve, have served in the army, have a certain vocation, and have the appropriate expertise will be hired for the campaign.

According to Russian officials, 300,000 reservists, only those with combat experience, will be drafted. This is a move meant to "defend the motherland" and protect Russia's sovereignty.

This announcement was made when Ukraine's counteroffensive was gaining momentum and as Russia was struggling to restock its combat force in the wake of significant battlefield losses.

According to Putin, the larger force was required because Ukraine continued to obtain powerful weapons from a united West that wants to weaken, isolate, and destroy Russia.

A day after certain Russian-controlled regions declared intentions for referendums on joining Russia, the mobilization was launched. The only intention was the liberation of the Donbass region.