Wine dealer Vinomofo is the latest Australian company to be targeted by a cyber-attack. Vinomofo warns customers to remain alert to scam activity after the hack

At risk of exposure are the names, dates of birth, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and genders of customers – Vinomofo has about 500,000 people on its books.

Vinomofo said the risk to members was “low” because other information, such as passports, credit card details and driver’s licences were not held by Vinomofo.

The company has reported the hack and told customers to “remain alert to any increased scam activity”.

The latest cyber-attack comes as Australia continues to deal with the ramifications of the Optus hack, which exposed the details of about 10 million people.

The CEO, David Koczkar, said the company’s ongoing investigation had turned up no evidence that any customer data had been removed.

Weeks after the initial attack, Optus revealed that customers whose passport numbers were exposed would no longer be able to use them to access identity verification services online