The Amar Kaushik directorial is an immersive experience with intense but funny dialogues and clever writing.

From good comedy and a novel concept to VFX, strong screenplay, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon-starrer Bhediya gives ample moments to laugh and howl throughout

If you found Amar Kaushik's Stree one of the most intelligent and rib-tickling horror comedies, his latest outing, Bhediya, only takes things a notch higher.

The story begins with a road construction contractor Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan) going to Arunachal Pradesh wanting to make a highway through the dense forests of Ziro.

He is accompanied by his cousin Janardhan aka JD (Abhishek Bannerjee) and is joined by a local Northeastern friend, Jomin (Paalin Kabak).

As the trio starts their mission of convincing the tribals to give their land and allow road construction, they encounter strange incidents, one being Bhasker getting bitten by a wolf.

Soon, he acquires traits and characteristics of the creature and hereon, the folklore about shape-shifting wolf called 'vishaanu' picks up and the story gets more gripping and interesting.

Varun Dhawan is in top form and owns each frame. He has literally pushed the envelope, tried a new genre, and looked so convincing in it.

His transformation scenes from a man to a wolf are stunning and scary at the same time with his ripped muscles and sculpted body giving you the chills.