Varun Dhawan revealed recently that he suffered from a condition called Vestibular Hypofunction — a condition that involves the inner ear‘s control of the balance of the body.

“Recently, I just shut down. I had this thing called Vestibular Hypofunction, (where) basically your balance goes off. But I just pushed myself so hard,” said the Bhediya actor

Varun added, “We are just running in this race, nobody is asking why. I think there is a greater purpose (why) we are all here. I am trying to find mine, and hopefully, people will find theirs.”

Dr Anurag explained that the condition can disrupt the left or the right side of the body or both such that one can have repeated episodes of dizzyness, postural instability, and extreme sweating

“The exact cause is unclear, a viral infection, an autoimmune reaction or a genetic component could be the trigger,” explained Dr Ojha.

Dr Tandon mentioned that in the post-Covid period, a lot many young people have complained of such condition.

Post-rehabilitative care includes healthy eating, exercising, supportive anti-virals, and working on one’s immunity so that the virus doesn’t become dominant again, Dr Tandon said.