A committee in the United States House of Representatives has voted to publicly release years of tax returns obtained from former President Donald Trump

The Ways and Means Committee, a body responsible for overseeing tax-related issues, voted 24-16 in a closed-door session on Tuesday,

A summary of Trump’s tax returns between 2015 and 2021 – when he was running for president and serving in the White House – will be partially redacted and released within days

The House of Representatives is set to shift to Republican control in January, following November’s midterm elections. Republicans have denounced Tuesday’s vote as partisan.

“We worry this will unleash a cycle of political retribution in Congress,” said Texas’s Kevin Brady, the leading Republican on the committee, in the lead-up to the vote.

It will also lead to further scrutiny of Trump, who recently announced his intentions to run for another term as president in 2024.

The committee had initially requested the tax returns in 2019, as part of an investigation into then-President Trump’s tax compliance and the audit programme run by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).