The photographs below illustrate the reality of life for a number of Ukrainian troops living in the northern Donbas region of the contested east.

Below, young men are seen fishing for their dinner - as others relax by a wood stove as they stay temporarily in a building near their position on the field.

The Donbas - which consists of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions - has been under fierce bombardment for months as Vladimir Putin attempts to seize control of the region as a whole.

Given Russia’s penchant for misdirection, it’s unclear how a military incursion would start. And that keeps the Ukrainian troops on edge.

The Ukrainian soldiers watch and wait, nervously peering through a periscope from an icy trench at a forward observation post in eastern Ukraine.

The Biden administration is considering moving troops, warships and artillery into Eastern Europe and NATO announced on Monday that member countries are sending ships and jets to the region.