President Volodymyr Zelensky says Russia has launched more than 30 drone attacks on Ukraine in just two days.

He added that in total, Moscow had also carried out some 4,500 missile strikes and over 8,000 air raids.

Speaking from Kyiv and standing beside what appeared to be a downed Iranian Shahed drone, Mr Zelensky pledged to "clip the wings" of Moscow's air power.

Western officials believe Iran has supplied a large number of drones to Russia, but Moscow and Tehran deny it.

The top US diplomat accused Russian commanders of using the devices to "kill Ukrainian civilians and destroy the infrastructure they rely on for electricity, for water, for heat"

Ukraine says around 400 drones have already been used by Russia, from a total order of roughly 2,000 weapons.

But Tehran has repeatedly denied that it has struck any arms deal with the Kremlin, and Moscow also denies using Iranian drones.

Meanwhile, US officials have said they will supply Ukraine with an additional $275m (£237m) of military aid, according to the Associated Press.