The general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces says up to 10 units of Russian military equipment in Makiivka were damaged or destroyed during an attack, without specifying their nature.

In a rare admission of responsibility, the Ukrainian military confirmed having conducted “a strike on Russian manpower and military equipment”.

The attack followed a barrage of attacks on Ukrainian cities. “It should be noted that the Russian occupiers carried out 27 airstrikes against civilian infrastructure

using the Shahed-136 UAV. All these drones were shot down,” the military said in a statement on social media.

As the Ukraine war becomes a “hurting stalemate” for both Russia and Ukraine, is the prospect of outright success for either side becoming impossible?

Stephen Walt, a professor of international relations at Harvard University, argues that Kyiv and Moscow will soon have

to make “awkward and painful” compromises if they do not want the conflict to turn into a “forever war”.