A trans woman who raped two women before she changed gender will not serve her sentence in a female jail, Scotland's first minister has said.

Isla Bryson was remanded to Cornton Vale women's prison after being convicted of carrying out the rapes when she was a man called Adam Graham.

Bryson decided to transition from a man to a woman while awaiting trial. Nicola Sturgeon has now said Bryson will be removed from the prison soon and will not serve her sentence there.

It is thought to be the first time a trans woman has been convicted of raping women in Scotland. Bryson is due to be sentenced next month after being convicted on Tuesday.

But where that sentence should be served has been the subject of heated debate, with concerns being raised about the safety of other women in the jail if Bryson was placed there.

The Scottish Parliament passed legislation last month aimed at making it easier for people to change their legally-recognised sex,

The Gender Recognition Reform Bill has been blocked by the UK government over its potential impact on equalities laws that apply across Scotland, England and Wales.