One of Hollywood's most popular actors was Halle Berry. Then Catwoman was assigned to her.

Today is July 19, 2004. Halle Berry's latest film, "Catwoman," which is the sole female-led film amid a summer season of blockbusters with male stars, had a star-studded red carpet premiere.

"I had a lot of abuse growing up. My alcoholic father was a terrible verbal, emotional, and physical abuser when I was a child "Berry revealed on the Fresh Air show.

Berry's career was at its pinnacle following her Oscar victory. Her reputation suffered, however, when she was cast as Patience Phillips in the 2004 DC Comics adaptation Catwoman, a character who gains feline-like abilities.

Berry, to her credit, did go to get her Razzie Award, and in her speech of "acceptance," she said the following: "I want to start by thanking Warner Brothers for casting me in such a godawful, dreadful movie. I needed it for my career, exactly! I was at the top when Catwoman suddenly dropped me to the ground. adore it Being in charge is challenging. Being at the bottom is much better."