“Oh bother” just got a whole new meaning. A new movie called Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey makes use of the fact the famous literary character now lives in the public domain

It urns him into something not a plump, loveable yellow bear whose head gets stuck in a honey jar. No, this Pooh is a killer. And he’s coming for Christopher Robin.

Seriously, this is a real thing. Writer-director Rhys Waterfield and his team have made a Winnie the Pooh horror movie

So is Pooh just a creepy dude dressing like bear here? Are we meant to think it’s actually a bear? Or did Christopher Robin just believe a person in a mask was a bear because he was a kid

Well, apparently, it starts as most Winnie the Pooh stories start, with a young boy named Christopher Robin

He was wondering into the 40.47 ha Wood and befriending some animals such as a bear named Pooh, pig named Piglet, tiger named Tigger, and donkey named Eeyore. Or, at least, beings he believes are those animals.

Waterfield shot it over 10 days and it’s aiming to be out on DVD and VOD later this year. Here’s the equally creepy poster.