Juanro Aguiló was born with only one, incomplete arm. Today he’s an ace freestyle footballer and motivational speaker.

Juanro Aguiló spun a football with the fused fingers on his right hand as he came out of a Qatar Foundation building near Education City Stadium.

Fans walked to the stadium along the barricaded pathways in front of the building, occasionally glancing at Aguiló’s tricks with the Al Rihla — the World Cup’s official football.

At stadiums around Qatar, the biggest names in the sport have mesmerised the world over the past three weeks at football’s showpiece event.

But at a World Cup whose motto is “Now is all”, this was Aguiló’s moment — one which captured the essence of the skills and joy that make football the “beautiful game”.

Aguiló was born in 1985 in Santiago, Chile, with a rare condition called phocomelia, which caused an underdeveloped right arm and a missing left arm

Success in freestyle gave Aguiló the confidence to become more outgoing — he has always been “really koo koo koo koorious [curious],” he said, giggling.