Russia has launched a barrage of missile attacks across Ukraine targeting several major cities, including the capital Kyiv, in one of its biggest assaults in weeks.

Ukraine’s military said it shot down 54 missiles out of 69 launched by Russia in an attack that began at 7am local time (05:00 GMT) on Thursday.

Air raid sirens rang out across the country, and in Kyiv blared for five hours – one of the longest alarms of the war.

Ukraine’s air force said the attacks had involved sea- and air-based cruise missiles fired “from different directions” and followed an overnight assault by kamikaze drones.

No deaths were immediately reported. Air defence systems were activated in Kyiv to fend off the raids, according to local officials.

At least three people were wounded and hospitalised, including a 14-year-old girl, after a house and a car were damaged by rocket debris, Klitschko said.

Klitschko also warned of widespread power outages in the capital, saying 40 percent of its residents were without electricity following the attacks