Released on 30th September, Vikram Vedha is an official remake of the 2017 Tamil thriller by the same name.

Upon its release, the film fetched positive reviews from critics and the audience alike. However, the end result wasn’t satisfying and the film failed to even hit the 90 crore mark in India.

Saif Ali Khan addressed the failure of Vikram Vedha. He said, “The reason we should be very polite to each other is because nobody has any clue of what works and doesn’t work.”

He further spoke about the majority of Bollywood films not working well at the box office. “I have no idea but something is happening.

People will continue to make movies. Prices will keep fluctuating because our pricing, some of it, is insane. We pay people astronomically and the returns have been not good,” Saif added.

Meanwhile, Vikram Vedha came closer to the 80 crore mark at the Indian box office, which makes it a commercial failure as the budget is really high. Overseas, the film has done good business.