Saba Azad thanks Hrithik Roshan for ‘putting together' her strange birthday plan which included picnic, dance, gym

Saba Azad has shared a ton of pictures with Hrithik Roshan to show a glimpse of how they celebrated her birthday with a picnic, dance and gym session and simply chilling in the sun.

Musician-actor Saba Azad has shared a glimpse of her birthday celebrations along with a note on how Hrithik Roshan made it special in exactly the way she wanted it to be

The video shows several pictures of her standing with a bouquet of flowers in her hands, working out in the gym, doing dance practice with Hrithik Roshan

There is also a picture of them from their date night where she seems to have taken part in a cake-cutting ceremony.

Sharing the montage of pictures, Saba wrote, “I like my birthdays to be quiet. More often than not you’ll find me doing seemingly mundane things on the day,

I don’t quite remember when I began doing this but now it seems like the norm. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good party, so long as I can get a day to do this first.

For me my birthday is a microcosm of what I would want my days on earth to be like - a good day is one in which I spend some time learning something new,

in which I move my body, take time to nourish my mind, good food always features heavily on such a day and of course spend time with those I love."

Addressing Hrithik for making her day, she added, "Thank you Ro (heart emoticon) for beautifully putting together my strange fruit of a plan.

And thank you all of you who reached out with love, kind words and flowers - my house looks like a garden in spring and my heart is full.”

Hrithik Roshan has been in relationship with Saba Azad since a year. The two are now spotted together at parties and events. He was earlier married to Sussanne Khan and the two have two sons together.