Ukraine puts death toll from New Year’s Eve strike in the occupied city of Makiivka at 400 Russian soldiers.

Russia has said that 63 of its troops were killed during a Ukrainian New Year’s Eve attack on a makeshift barracks in the partly-occupied Donetsk region.

The ministry said in a statement on Monday that Ukraine’s military had launched six projectiles at the “provisional base”

in the eastern city of Makiivka using the HIMARS guided rocket system supplied by the United States.

The ministry’s statement came after the Strategic Communications Department of Ukraine’s armed forces said

late on Sunday that 400 Russian troops were killed in the attack and another 300 were wounded. Two of the missiles were shot down by Russian air defences, it added, but four struck the building.

Footage posted online appeared to show a building purported to be a vocational college in Russian-controlled Makiivka reduced to smouldering rubble.