Morocco’s national airline, Royal Air Maroc (RAM), cancelled several flights to Doha on Wednesday. The decision could leave hundreds of Moroccan fans stranded

Morocco will play France, their former colonial ruler, in a historic match on Thursday night: The Atlas Lions are the first Arab and African team to reach a World Cup semifinal.

Royal Air Maroc had previously said it would provide fans with 30 additional flights in advance of their semifinal clash, but on Tuesday, a source at RAM said that only 14 flights had been scheduled.

The cancellation of Wednesday’s flights leaves fans who had already booked match tickets or hotel rooms unable to travel. RAM said it would reimburse air tickets and apologised to its customers.

The decision could leave hundreds of Moroccan fans stranded before a historic World Cup semifinal against France.

Morocco have enjoyed significant support at the Qatar World Cup, both from the thousands of fans that have already travelled to the country, as well as from fans of other Arab nations and neutrals

After RAM promised more flights ahead of the semifinal, hundreds of fans in Morrocco had hoped to travel to Doha and obtain tickets on arrival.