At his first press conference in Saudi Arabia following his multi-million dollar move to join Al Nassr, football star Ronaldo rather embarrassingly got the name of his new host country wrong.

"It's not the end of my career to come to South Africa," he said, in an earnest voice against a backdrop proudly proclaiming "Saudi welcome to Arabia".

While it was obviously a slip of the tongue, it hasn't stopped some South African football fans dreaming of seeing one of the world's most famous stars playing for their local team.

Although @NalaThokozane felt the move would have been exciting, she couldn't resist having a dig by saying "our league also has slots for part-time players".

And the South African tourism authority is still hoping that Ronaldo will show up at the Moses Mabhida stadium, built in the coastal city of Durban for the 2010 World Cup.

Most tweeters in the Arab world also overlooked his gaffe, with @alasiri_555 commenting in Arabic: 'Nothing wrong with that. Everybody makes mistakes."

BBC Arabic producer Ahmed Rouaba says the focus of most tweets has been on football, with Al Nassr fans expecting him to win games for them - and lift the club and country.