The 16-year-old boy’s shooting last week led to days of protests in Thessaloniki, Athens and other parts of Greece.

A teenage boy from Greece’s Roma community who was shot in the head during a police chase over an allegedly unpaid petrol station bill has died

The 16-year-old had been hospitalised for more than a week in the northern city of Thessaloniki after he was shot in the early hours of December 5 by a police officer on a motorcycle.

Officers were chasing the boy after he allegedly filled up his pick-up truck at a petrol station and left without paying the 20-euro ($21) bill.

The shooting led to days of often violent protests in Thessaloniki, Athens and other parts of Greece by members of the Roma community

Police have said the teenager tried to ram the police motorcycles involved in the chase with his pick-up truck.

The officer said during an initial court appearance last week that he had fired his weapon because he feared for the lives of his colleagues.

Several Roma men were injured or fatally shot in recent years while allegedly seeking to evade arrest for breaches of the law.