The life and career of one the most popular actors in Australian film and TV, Rebecca Gibney, was celebrated in a heartwarming edition of Channel 7’s This Is Your Life on Monday night.

A rollcall of Gibney’s friends and colleagues paid tribute to the 57-year-old Gold Logie winner, who has starred in many of Australia’s favourite shows

Gibney was overcome with emotion on numerous occasions, with host Melissa Doyle saying she could “feel the love” in the room.

But the most emotional moment of the night came when Gibney was reunited with her mum Shirley, who she hadn’t seen for three years, her two brothers, and two of her three sisters.

As her siblings walked out, holding on to Shirley as she slowly walked towards the daughter she hadn’t seen in years, the tears were flowing on both sides.

Gibney’s mum and siblings shared the This Is Your Life couch with her husband, production designer Richard Bell, and their son Zac, who is following in his mum’s acting footsteps.