Al Jazeera revealed that notorious Bangladeshi anti-crime unit travelled to the UK for spy training. Two British members of Parliament are demanding answers from the country’s government

that members of an infamous Bangladeshi anti-crime unit travelled to the United Kingdom multiple times this year to receive training.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit (I-Unit) revealed last week that the UK in late 2021 held back from implementing sanctions on the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

which has been linked to alleged extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances in Bangladesh. Subsequently, members of RAB came to the UK, where they received spy training.

According to the I-Unit’s report, the UK government was also in the late stages of implementing sanctions against RAB but pulled out at the last minute for reasons that have not been explained.

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman, the liaison officer at the Asian Human Rights Commission who provided the evidence of human rights abuses by the RAB attached to the sanctions requests to the US and the UK

“The expectation was that the UK and US, being strong allies, that they would be collaborating with each other by announcing back-to-back sanctions. The US did that on the 10th of Dec, the UK didn’t.”

Ashrafuzzaman said the documentation collected by his team was used by the US as justification for sanctions against the RAB

including evidence of alleged involvement in at least 600 forced disappearances since 2009 and more than 600 extrajudicial killings since 2018.