Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the strengthening of Russia’s borders and instructed security services to keep greater control of society and root out “traitors, spies and saboteurs”

Speaking on Security Services Day, widely celebrated in Russia, Putin on Monday instructed his security officials to protect the borders, increase control of society

and maximise their “use of the operational, technical and personnel potential” to prevent risks coming from abroad and internal traitors.

Putin also said that it is the task of special security services to ensure the safety of people living in regions in Ukraine that Moscow claimed in September had been incorporated into Russia.

Putin’s comments come as Russian missile attacks on Ukraine have intensified and there is no end in sight to Russia’s war on Ukraine, now in its 10th month.

Speaking to the leaders of several NATO countries via video link on Monday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy continued to urge Ukraine’s allies to supply its military with more weapons.

“Russian aggression can and must fail. And our task now is to accelerate it,” he told the NATO leaders assembled in Riga, Latvia.