Law enforcement officials in California have offered a $10,000 reward and asked for the public’s help

in solving the “deliberate, intentional and horrific” murders of six people at a home in the state’s Central Valley.

Investigators believe a gang or drug cartel targeted the family, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux told a news conference on Tuesday.

Deputies had conducted a drug-related search warrant at the same home recently. Among the dead in the 3:30am (11:30 GMT) shooting on Monday were a 17-year-old and her 10-month-old son.

Boudreaux said the teenager was fleeing the violence when the killers caught up to her outside the home in Goshen,

a central California community of about 3,000 residents in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley, and shot the young mother and her child “assassination-style”.

The other four victims were aged between 19 and 72 years, including a grandmother who was shot as she slept. Their autopsies are expected to be completed later in the week.