People Who lives In Blue Zones live longer than average perosn. and it is because of their food habits.

People living in Okinava (japan), Ikaria (greece), Ogliastra (sardinia), Nicoya Peninsula (Costa rica), Loma Linda (California). they live routinely more than 100 years.

So Blue Zone people must be doing something rigtht to live longer what they do? which kind of food habits do they have?

What Do you think.  they eat oats, yogurts, low fat almond milk, ready maid break fast made of cereals ? ANS is no.

People Living int this blue zone they eat home food. they eat locally sourced fruits and vegetables. 

People in blue zone they stick to time honoured recipes. food that has been passed on to them by their ancestors.

Food Which compliments the local whether conditions. in shorts traditional foods are our health food.