Australia's loveable larrikin Paul Hogan has opened up about his colourful career, the cost of success and his health in a special edition of A Current Affair.

The 83-year-old Crocodile Dundee star has suffered health issues that stem from a kidney problem and has spoken candidly with host Tracy Grimshaw about his recent struggle.

"(I've) been better. I had a problem on that aorta in the kidney and the treatment fixed it, but it shrunk me," Hogan said.

The problem Hogan referred to is a condition called retro peritoneal fibrosis, a benign growth that in his case had wrapped around the abdominal aorta which pressed on his kidney.

Doctors prescribed corticosteroids to shrink it, but now he said he needs to regain his strength after the health scare caused him to shed all his body fat, dramatically changing his physique.

The Crocodile Dundee star, who was always fit in his younger years, said he counts himself lucky to have remained healthy for so long.