Pakistan, Turkey, and seven more countries are traveling in the direction of Sri Lanka. Alarms go off amid the upheaval in the world.

Not just srilanka Alaram bells are ringing for many economies arround the world

Pakistan Soaring Cruid oil prices pushed up fuel prices, which in turn raise other costs, pushing inflation over 21%

Pakistan rs has fallen about 30% against u.s dollar in the past year. shehbaz sharif has raised fuel prices and imposed 10% super tax on major industries

Argentina: Every Four of  ten argentines are poor. imflation is forecast to exceed over 70% this year

Turkey: worsening goverment fianances, growing trade & capital account deficits compounded turkeys truble. imflamation over 60% and high

Myanmar: after the army seized power from elected govt. the politic and pandemic instability buffed Myanmar's economy.

lebanon: currency collapase, punishing level of imflation. growing hunger. long civil war. labanon defaulted on paying back arround $90 billions at the time.


Egypt Imflation raised to 15% in april. one-third of its 103 millions people living in poverty.


Laos foreign reserves are equal to less than 2 months of imports. a 30% depreciation in currency. job loses due to pnadamic