The Super Mario Bros. Movie is an upcoming computer-animated adventure comedy film produced by Illumination in association with Nintendo, and will be distributed by Universal Pictures.

Films have often been rupture points for mimetic breakthroughs on the internet. They’re like volcanoes that erupt, shifting the meme landscape to its chaotic whims.

The 21st century has already seen several such eruptions. “Shrek.” “Bee Movie.” And now, very likely, the Mario movie starring Chris Pratt.

After a surprise announcement earlier this week, Nintendo debuted the first trailer to its upcoming film

a film based on the video game character and series that one could argue is most responsible for the success of the video game industry after a single, groundbreaking title in 1985.

The trailer features Bowser — with an unsurprisingly spirited performance by Jack Black — attacking the nation of penguins, who famously appeared in the level Cool, Cool Mountain in “Super Mario 64.”

“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to become Mario,” said Chris Pratt, with a straight face, in a statement aired before the trailer.