Latest launch comes days after joint air exercise by South Korean and US militaries. North Korea has fired two short-range ballistic missiles, according to South Korea’s military,

the latest in a recent flurry of weapons tests that took place days after a joint air drill by the South and the United States.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Friday the missiles were launched at 07:32 GMT from the Sunan area of North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, towards the sea off its east coast.

“Our military maintains a full readiness posture while closely cooperating with the US while strengthening surveillance and vigilance,” it said in a statement.

There was no immediate statement by North Korea on the launch, which came three days after the US flew nuclear-capable bombers

and advanced stealth jets near the Korean Peninsula for joint training with South Korean fighter jets. North Korea typically views such military exercises as a rehearsal for an invasion.

The US and South Korea have warned for months that North Korea is preparing to conduct its seventh nuclear test.