Minnie Driver has revealed how worries about whether she'll keep getting work can sometimes leave her struggling to sleep.

Amelia Fiona Jessica "Minnie" Driver is an English actress and singer. She rose to prominence with her break-out role in 1995's Circle of Friends.

The actress, 52, soared to fame in the 1990s with roles in Circle of Friends and Good Will Hunting, for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

Despite her success, she told The Sunday Times' magazine that can still suffer from fears about what will happen to her financially if the job opportunities disappear.

She said: "I sometimes lie awake at night worrying about how I’ll butter my parsnips if the work disappears, because I’ve earned every penny I have.

"I try to meet that existential anxiety head-on with even more loving, surfing and appreciation of what I do have. Staying creative keeps the engine going."

"The phone rings with opportunities, but you also have to create your own." "In your twenties, showing up is partly a function of you getting more work. Now I can enjoy the party a bit more."