Mexico’s Supreme Court has elected a female president to lead the nation’s highest judicial body for the first time.

Following a six-to-five vote on Monday, Justice Norma Lucia Pina was sworn in for a four-year term as president of the court, which she has promised to keep independent.

“Judicial independence is indispensable in resolving conflicts between the branches of government,” Pina said on Monday.

“My main proposal is to work to build majorities, leaving aside my personal vision.” president of the court added

Pina’s election could bring the court into greater confrontation with the administration of Mexico’s left-wing President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

whom Pina has sparred with over issues such as energy policy. Already, Lopez Obrador’s relationship with the nation’s highest court is strained.

The president has been outspoken in challenging the Supreme Court, particularly after the court blocked a number of his policies.