A recent video that is going viral on the net, shows a man rescuing a spider from his shoot. Later, he even takes close-up photos of the spider.

When we see a giant spider in our homes, most of us run as far away as we can. Just the sight of a spider can make some people shiver.

But, in a turn of events, when this Instagram user @expressive_visionary saw a pregnant spider near their room's window, they decided to rescue it and send it back to the wild.

The Instagram user even shot a video of rescuing the spider and did a photo shoot of it as well. the man first takes a jar and tries to capture the spider in it.

After successfully getting it inside, he takes the insect outside and releases it. However, when he relocates her, he realised he could, in fact, do a photoshoot of the spider.

This video was shared a few days ago on Instagram. Since then, it has been viewed 64,000 times and has 6000 likes and several comments.