The pop superstar posted a TikTok on Sunday that’s immediately prompted huge specialisation about her sexuality.

In the clip, which has the caption “If I miss, I’m gay!”, the 64-year-old throws some pants at a trash can but falls short of making the shot.

Is she confirming her sexuality here? Is she coming out as lesbian or bisexual? It’s not entirely clear, but the TikTok video feels pointed.

Madonna, of course, has famously been a gay icon for decades, although she’s never confirmed a relationship with a woman before.

She’s famously dated and married men like Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie, while she’s been romantically linked to several younger men in recent years.

She has, however, kissed several famous woman over the years, including Christian Aguilera and, very iconically, Britney Spears.

If Madonna is indeed coming out with her TikTok video, perhaps she was influenced by Susan Sarandon. The septuagenarian actress revealed that she’s bisexual