Bollywood’s one of the most popular filmmakers, Karan Johar, who also runs the famous production house, Dharma Productions have given many blockbusters in Indian cinema.

Karan Johar has a unique sartorial choice. However, which is why the director often gets slammed and bashed by the netizens for it.

He can be seen wearing oversized jackets or co-ord sets or something too blingy, and the internet users troll him for that.

Recently, in a conversation with Twinkle Khanna, Karan opened up about his insecurities about his body image and recalled how he used to get called in his childhood days.

Recalling what his peers used to call him in his school and college days, the filmmaker said that his friends used to refer to him as ‘Pansy from Green Lawns High School’ or ‘pansy from HR College’

Karan Johar said, “That wasn’t my f*****g identity you know and that’s what it had become. When I entered college from school I realised I had to wear ‘manly clothes.’

"I cannot wear stuff that I want to wear. I’ll wear check shirts, jeans and sneakers so that I can fit in." he added

"I hope and pray that kids today don’t ever have to go through what we went through at that time. I hope parents are more understanding.”

Karan Johar added, “I have a big problem with fitted clothes because even if there’s a small roll, my mind will immediately go to that."

"I still look all around me when I enter the room. Now I have made it a thing where I wear these oversized clothes, but I actually can’t bear any tight thing, a t-shirt, shirt bothers me to no end.”