James “Jimmy” Rees is an Australian children's entertainer best known for playing the role of Jimmy Giggle on ABC Kids' flagship program Giggle and Hoot from 2009 to 2020

One of Australia’s funniest social media sensations, Jimmy Rees brings his stage show and iconic skits to the screen in this hour-long comedy special.

The show fuses; stand-up, Jimmy’s iconic characters including The Guy Who Decides & Jason, The Brighton Ladies, Meanwhile In Australia and many others.

Jimmy, the former star of ABC For Kids’ Giggle & Hoot, has become a viral hit over recent years, with his videos and unique comedy providing much needed comic relief for many people

Now one of the most followed Australian social media personalities, his recent live tour, Meanwhile In Australia, grew from five shows to 34 sold-out national events, making it one the year’s biggest tours by an Australian comedian.

In addition to his comedy special, Jimmy is bringing to the page his iconic characters in his side-splittingly funny debut book for adult readers, The Guy Who Decides, available 27 September.

Jimmy Rees said: “Grab a drink, sit back and watch me try to remember where all my props are in my first live comedy show."