A man with a terrible temper, was charming, a racer who “covered his cards” to secure the 1976 F1 title but also “wasn’t entirely ruthless” – James Hunt

James Hunt was the ultimate Jekyll & Hyde racing driver. The impression left by the charismatic racer is still strong today, apparent from those remembering Hunt in this month’s 1977-themed issue.

It’s a mix that makes him so fascinating as a character, resulting him often being talked about more than those who accumulated greater racing statistics – but didn’t do it quite like James.

Straight-talking Ulsterman John Watson compares and contrasts in Hunt’s racing style to others in this month’s edition.

“James was wild,” says Mass. “He never calmed down completely and I think there was a reckless streak that came between him and his well-being.

In Canada and America he was the dominant driver in an excellent car and the team understood how to get the best out of him.

As he went into 1977 he had the benefit of being the world champion and felt ‘I can do it again’ – fundamentally he was outstanding then.