Rescue workers in Indonesia are racing to reach people still trapped in rubble a day after an earthquake devastated a West Java town, killing and injuring hundreds of people as buildings collapsed.

Dedi Prasetyo, a police spokesman, told that hundreds of police officers were joining rescue efforts in the town of Cianjur, closest to the epicentre of the the shallow 5.6-magnitude quake.

The town of 175,000 people is located in a mountainous area of West Java, Indonesia’s most densely-populated province.

“Today’s main task order for personnel is to focus on evacuating victims,” Prasetyo, a police spokesman said.

The shallow temblor killed at least 268 people, many of them children, with 151 still missing, disaster relief officials said.

Disaster agency chief Suharyanto told reporters more than 1,000 people had been injured, 58,000 displaced, and 22,000 houses damaged.

Landslides and rough terrain hampered rescue efforts on Tuesday, said Henri Alfiandi, head of national search and rescue agency Basarnas.

“The challenge is the affected area is spread out… On top of that the roads in these villages are damaged,” Alfiandi told reporters.