26th Aug.  A SPECIAL DAY TO CELEBRATE ALL DOGS AROUND THE WORLD!   Mama Clarina with her new pets.

National Dog Day is Aug. 26 every year, initially created in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle advocate Colleen Paige. She herself adopted her first dog "Sheltie" at 10 years old

International Dog Day is dedicated to celebrating the compassion of love for dogs by humans across the world.

Dogs wag their tails to express a variety of emotions, including happiness, anxiety, fear, submission, and excitement. It is believed that a dog's tail is in a resting position when it is at ease.

While dogs cannot express their love through words, dogs of any size or breed can provide affection and warmth through their companionship

While pets may not be aware of the holiday, dogs always love to spend extra time with their owners. These two happy dogs adopted by Maria Leena