US president Joe Biden will sit down with Chinese president Xi Jinping for their first in-person meeting since the US president took office nearly two years ago.

The leaders are expected to talks about the relationship between the two countries focusing on the economic challenges and Beijing's military threat.

No concessions are expected from Joe Biden's side resulting in no real deliverables during the meet, the two countries’ interactions as one of competition aiming to avoid conflict.

The meeting is aimed at understanding where Xi Jinping stands with respect to China's relationship with the United States, US officials have said.

Biden said that he wanted to “lay out … what each of our red lines are, he believes to be in the critical national interests of China, what I know to be the critical interests of the United States”

For US, the meeting is crucial as Xi Jinping has secured a record-breaking third term as China's leader during the Communist party congress held recently.

“I know him well, he knows me,”  “We've just got to figure out where the red lines are and what are the most important things to each of us, going into the next two years.”

for Joe Biden, the meeting will be a way of sending a message to Xi Jinping on China's economic practices, Taiwan and Beijing's human rights record.

Joe Biden may also use the meeting to prod China for a more aggressive posture from Xi Jinping on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

For China, it is still unclear what Xi Jinping wants through this meeting. Xi Jinping will “deliver an important speech” on economic growth.