George Clooney has talked about playing the Batman in the early days of his career, when the lure of a franchise was too good to ignore.

George Clooney spoke about the high actors feels, when they are offered a franchise. The happiness of it is often so enormous that one doesn't really see what is being made at the end of the day.

George spoke about taking on the role while in conversation with Anil Kapoor during the final day of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022.

Batman and Robin was a critical and commercial failure. It was criticised for its excessively campy tone and lack of seriousness for the genre.

Since then, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and Robe have played Batman on the big screen. George also spoke about working with Oscar-winner Alfonso Cuaron in Gravity.

Gravity is still considered one of the best sci-fi/survival thriller movies ever made. George had a special appearance in the movie.

George was last seen in Ticket to Paradise with Julia Roberts. The film was a romantic comedy that also starred Kaitlyn Dever.