Moroccan fans are arriving in numbers ahead of semi-final against France. Kickoff at 10pm (19:00 GMT) at Al Bayt Stadium.

The Moroccans fans, as they have been at all their matches, are in majority at the nearly 69,000-capacity venue.

Crowds have gathered at the complimentary flag and FIFA stores and fans are snapping up Morocco and France scarves and shirts.

Meanwhile, others have gathered at the FIFA music stage to dance to Madcon and Avicii classics, singing along while they pass their time before the match starts at 10pm (19:00 GMT).

As Morocco and France prepare to face off in a historic match tonight, both nations are in the grip of excitement and anticipation – and fear of possible unrest.

The fans are chanting: “Move, move … if you do not move, you are not Moroccan!” as well as ““Come on brothers, bring it home!”