A Florida police officer was called to catch a 10-foot-long snake. Many netizens have hailed him as a hero.

In Florida, a massive 10-foot-long, 75-pound boa snake was discovered. The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office recently received an emergency call to rescue this dangerous snake.

The Sheriff's office shared a post on Facebook and wrote, "A day in the life of a SLCSO Ag Deputy is never routine. 

How fitting on National First Responder Day that our deputies, with the assistance of FWC, captured a 10 foot, 75 pound boa this morning from the Tall Pines neighborhood.

Thank you for everything you do for our community, especially when it involves a large reptile. #NationalFirstRespondersDay."

They also shared two pictures where two men can be seen handling the snake. This post was shared just a few days ago; since then, it has been liked 1400 times and has several comments.