Ukraine restarts the war on graft, and Western nations promise battle tanks. Could the two events be linked?

This has become the biggest political shake-up in wartime Ukraine – and it doesn’t seem to be over. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reshuffles his cabinet, aiming to root out corruption

A slew of top officials have resigned or been sacked since Sunday after a Ukrainian newspaper reported a corruption scheme involving food supplies to the military.

The scandal was followed by a breakthrough in Ukraine’s search for a military Holy Grail – some of the world’s most sophisticated tanks from Germany

The publication reported last week that food prices quoted in a Ministry of Defence contract it acquired were up to three times higher than in supermarkets in Kyiv.

“The rear front rats from the Defence Ministry steal more food from the armed forces than in peacetime,” the headline read.

Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov lambasted the publication, saying the prices were higher because of the logistical ordeals involved in delivering goods to the front lines.