Elon Musk indicated on Wednesday that the Twitter account of former President Donald Trump will not be restored ahead of the US midterm elections next week

answering one of the biggest unknowns following his takeover of the social media company.

Musk confirmed early Wednesday morning that “Twitter will not allow anyone who was de-platformed for violating Twitter rules back on platform until we have a clear process for doing so.

which will take at least a few more weeks.” The billionaire Twitter owner had previously said he would start a “content moderation council”

Musk had pledged to roll back at least some of platform’s content moderation policies and do away with permanent account bans

He had also specifically said he would restore the personal account of Trump

Trump, who previously used Twitter to make news, attack critics and set the agenda in DC, has said he is glad Twitter is now in “sane hands” following the Musk takeover but claimed he would not be returning to the platform.