Elon Musk was roundly booed during an awkward on-stage appearance at a Dave Chappelle comedy show. Musk "looked stunned" by the reception.

The controversial SpaceX founder and Twitter owner was introduced during a gig in San Francisco on Sunday night, prompting widespread jeering from those in the audience.

A clip posted on Musk's social media platform shows Chappelle asking the attendees to "make some noise for the richest man in the world".

They promptly oblige, though likely not in the way either of the men intended. "Elon," says Chappelle, as he attempts to interject the hostile reaction.

"Hey Dave," the billionaire replies, as the booing continues. Musk quips to his host that "you weren't expecting this" during an otherwise near-silent stint on stage

as he spends most of his almost five-minute appearance awkwardly standing still or pacing around. He couldn't get a word in, the crowd booed for 10 minutes. Not favoured on his home turf.

Laughs briefly interrupt the boos as Chappelle says: "Sounds like some of the people you fired are in the audience!"

Musk 'looked stunned' by reception Before Musk takes his leave from the stage, Chappelle jokes that the people booing are those with "terrible seats".