Dejounte Murray may still be traded by the Spurs to the Hawks, but they would replace John Collins' contract with that of Danilo Gallinari.

The trade package reportedly includes Danilo Gallinari and multiple 1st-round picks. 

Murray is reportedly garnering interest from more than just the Hawks as well, with an unnamed team offering a young talent and three first-round picks to the Spurs for the All-Star, while Minnesota is also keen:

The Spurs aren’t fond of Collins’ $125 million deal either as they see it as a liability and would rather take on Danilo Gallinari’s contract.

Last year, Murray was a standout for San Antonio, helping him qualify for his first All-Star Game. He's unquestionably a crucial member of this team, but if the appropriate deal materializes

Spurs have multiple teams making a strong push for Murray besides the Hawks. Minnesota is also keen for Murray