Creed 3 star Michael B. Jordan unveiled a first look at the upcoming Creed sequel on Twitter with a trio of striking images, showing Apollo and new rival Anderson Dame taking to the ring.

“You can’t run… from your past,” reads the tagline, leading some fans to speculate that Dame could be connected to the Rocky III character, Clubber Lang (Mr. T)

After all, the series hasn't been shy about reintroducing characters from the past - even seeing Ivan Drago return with his son in the last movie.

Clubber Lang first appeared in Rocky III back in 1982, played by the inimitable Mr. T. Lang was a professional boxer from Chicago, Illinois, and one-time world heavyweight champion


Considering Sylvester Stallone won’t be heading back for Creed 3 this feels like a good time for Adonis to strike out on his own, as well as face a more personal story that’s about him

Unlike Drago's connection to Creed in the last movie, there’s no real connection between Lang and Adonis’ dad

Stallone clarified that it was his decision, and his decision only, to back out from the film. He went on to reveal that he felt as though his character's story had already been flushed out and told